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Thinking about updating your time and attendance software or Time Clocks?
Posted by Buddy Lee on 17 November 2017 10:59 PM

At Prime Time we are always working to insure that you have the best software choices available to suit your needs.

In today's Global market, things change rapidly and it can be a struggle to keep up if you are unprepared.  Technology is growing by leaps and bounds; if you blink, you could be late to the party.  

Prime time offers a variety of desktop applications that can work across your network. These applications are powerful and save your employees time, this in turn equals a savings for your company.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could get more productivity out of the same labor costs?

A variety of collection devices put you in control; from the simple card swipe to finger scanner, Hand Scanner, Face Scanner, PC Clock, Employee portal, Mobile App or portable time clock. A variety of connection options; Serial, Wired Ethernet, WiFi and even the ability to use cellular devices to communicate.  

With our new, easy to navigate, web based software you have the choice of hosted, (We maintain the servers and data) or Licensed (You maintain the server and data). Web based frees your employees from the constraints of their desk, and allows them to get the information they need when the want it, and where they want it. A dashboard that gives you a bird"s eye view of your labor without having to look in different places, or run multiple reports.

Push technology clocks mean that there in no more polling the clocks. Punches are uploaded immediately, your data is in real time. Easy editing, color coded time cards; know what is there at a glance, no straining for work or vacation codes. Benefit accruals, a configurable employee portal that delivers only the info you want the employee to view, or request. This is the software you have been waiting for.

Need a custom report or feature?  Our programmers are able to customize the application to suit your needs.

Integrated Payroll?  Look no farther, we can do that too.

Advanced Scheduling, Job costing, Payroll exports.

A service team that returns calls to give live help; no waiting for a support desk email to be answered that only confuses things more. you have direct access to timely assistance. 

No waiting for weeks from order to installation. We understand the value of your time and the urgency to act once a decision has been made. Our team can have you up and running quickly and on your schedule. 

Call us to see how we can make things easier for you.